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Shipping and Courier Companies

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While it remains the Sellers prerogative to chose the method of delivery I wonder when this is done IF very much research on the effectiveness and effiency of a chosen courier company is initiated. After all it is pretty simple for a ' ship out ' , however entirely another story from thereout in the process of actually getting the Buyers purchases TO him/her. Very few Sellers appear too concerned about this point , after all , once it has left them , clearly a situation of " o.k , my part done then - got my money ".

This point is exacerbated by the ' many ' courier companies used on BoB , and hence ANY ' business loyalty ' will always lie with the seller ( I have proof of this ) , and the buyer must simply ' sit and hope for the best '. Having been in multi faceted businesses for 43 years , mostly in 'hands on' leadership AND 40 of them IN Franchising roles I notice a clear focus on ' The Seller ' and very much less on the buyer. All it takes is for a single ' process ' issue to arise , and I have noticed one is pretty much ' left to one's own devices ' in solving something that one never initiated to start with. Be assured , it is best to ' ask a question ' of the Seller FIRST - " Disclose Courier Company name  please ". If it is Fastway , pull that purchase back , ESPECIALLY wrt the Durban Depot/Branch ! The entire Brand name ' Fastway ' is frankly , NOT , along with zero communication. You can check out Hello Peter on that one , so long as you DO have a sense of humour.

Sadly , most companies are resorting more towards ENTIRE or ' pure ' Robotics , WITH ( if any ) remote ( " if I , the staff member feel up to it.." ) assistance , that which can take literally days. That too will be very remote ..ie NO call - " maybe I'll catch covid on the line " . Covid has assured this ' easy out '. Lastly , and sadly so , the idea of " Management " appears to be one of ( " I'm somewhere , collecting passive income" ). A simple thing such as an e mail address for ' quick problem solving ' is long gone. Try googalingting THAT on most companies.

So many SA companies now appear to simply ' leave all ' up to  , quite frankly , unqualified staff WHICH is gross ' deriliction of duty '. The staff member suffers too be sure.

The idea of minimising ' a bad rating ' should be " I'll accept NO bad rating in my business , full stop ". 

Was I the ' main man/lady ' in BoB , I would DEFINITELY ' pull inhouse ' the control of Courier service , WITH a back-up based on " 3 miss strikes guys and you are OUT " , or even ' a financial penalty ' via a ' User Agreement '.

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