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Here is the list of those computer software\hardware and pc games I am looking for:

[Wanted]Looking for 2nd hand older pc software and pc games & hardware...

I am looking for the following older pc software and games but they have to be the original discs plus cd-key\product key and no cd-r\dvd-r discs and the cd-key\product key mustn't be written on a piece of paper.The cds\dvds mustn't be too scratched.

PC Software:
1:I am looking for a spare win xp professional edition with SP2 holographic install cd as my one is badly scratched and unusable.

*:Microsoft Office 2003 Pro Edition(has to include Outlook as well) with all of the holographic install cds,etc...

*:Office 2007 Business Edition(Retail license/copy preferably) plus installer cd\dvd.

*:Win 7 Pro 64-bit edition product key (retail) plus install dvd maybe nlite or vlite version(with bloatware removed)(Got).

*:Adobe Photoshop 7/CS 1
(if the license allows it to be sold 2nd hand)

*:Lightwave 3D v10.0 with commercial license plus security dongle,content dvd plus it was unopened. was given an unopened legal\fully licensed copy of the software but was given away to someone else without my permission before I could eventually come and collect it. :( :@

*:Win Zip 8.1

PC Games:
*:Borderlands:GOTY + DLC (The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned,Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot,The Secret Armory of General Knoxx,Claptrap's New Robot Revolution)
*:Trainz Railway Simulator 2010:Engineers Edition N3V(DVD) (as long as the key hasn't been used online.If it has then maybe I can get the account if you no longer need it so I can merge it with my account?)
*:Titan Quest: Immortal Throne expansion(I have the full game)
*:Halo:Combat Evolved(PC)
*:Halo 2(PC)
*:Fallout 3 GOTYE(Games for Windows Live version)
*:Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition(Games for Windows Live version)
*:Independence War 2:Edge of Chaos
*:Aliens vs Predators 2: Primal Hunt
*:Tron 2.0
*:Kiss The Psycho Circus:The Nightmare Child
*:Alpha Prime(DVD version)
*:The Sims 2 base game or Deluxe Edition and maybe one or two of the addons
*:Dishonored(Games for Windows Live version)
*:Batman:GOTYE(Games for Windows Live version)
*:Battlefield 2: Euro Force and Battlefield 2: Armored Fury booster packs or Battlefield 2 Deluxe edition which contains both booster packs.
*:Command and Conquer:Renegade
*:Star Wars:The Force Unleashed 1 (Ultimate Sith Edition?)
*:Star Wars:The Force Unleashed 2
*:Half-Life 2 Orange Box(DVD)
*:Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 – Uprising

D-Link DSL-2500U ADSL+ modem\router

Price negotiable.The cd\dvd's have to be the original holographic ones and no cd-r\dvd-rs' please and must come with the authentic product key.Nothing written on a piece of paper....

Nintendo DS games Original cartridges:
Pokemon Diamond & Pokemon Pearl
Pokemon Platinum
Pokemon Heart Gold & Pokemon SoulSilver
Pokemon Black & Pokemon White
Pokemon Black 2 & Pokemon White 2
Pokemon Alpha Sapphire or Omega Ruby
Pokemon Rumble World

Nintendo Amiibo

PS Vita(original cartridges):
God of War Collection
Boderlands 2

Xbox 1 (Original)
Unreal Championship 1

Xbox 360:
Xbox 360 500GB hdd plus 2 controllers
Crimson Skies:High Road to Revenge
Diablo 3
Forza 4 Motorsports
Fallout 3:GOTYE
Red Dead Redemption GOTYE
Unreal Championship 1&2

Live in Krugersdorp North,Westrand,Gauteng. Thanks. Note I don't log online often so I won't be able to respond asap.

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Can't edit my post but I forgot to fix the name of the one game before I posted.Supposed to be Batman:Arkham Asylum GOTYE (Games for Windows Live version)

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Good day Richard


As per our telephone discussion myself, I have informed you about the process to purchase the items you require. I have as well sent you a email explaining a bit more in detail how our site works and how to purchase items,. Should you need anything please reply to the email I sent you.


Thank you very much. Have a great day and be safe..


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