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incorrect images used for advertising

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This has happened a few times where the images used to display the item and specification for the item is not correct. I have purchased a few item of the years and not received, what was displayed in the  images used for the auction. Most recently I bought a 40W led light (link to seller item below) excepting at 15W panel as per the specs in the image in the ad but got a 8W panel instead which has no branding unlike the light (HOSELECT). I contacted the seller telephonically (after failing to get a reply on BoB message to my query) and he said the supplier informed him that the 8W panel would be adequate. He had a sheet from the supplier and he had sent me an email with this. I asked him to resend it.

Having not got any email in a few days I email the seller  and he send me a photo of the "supplier sheet" which was something written on a sticky note. All other 40W led lights come with either a 12W or 15W panel. I have asked him to be prepared to fully refund me (including transport) if the light does not live up to expectation when I test it (when the rain is over and we have some sunlight to test). No reply yet.

Point being, I would expect BoB to enforce rules that the images used in the advertisements are correct and not misleading. 



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