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Edward VIII Fantasy Collection including two Coins struck in virtually Pure Silver

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The Edward VIII Fantasy Commonwealth Crowns (5-Shillings) of 1936 are well known as pieces for the Union of South Africa were also struck.

However, I cannot found any information for these coins, mostly half-crown size.

Four were issued for commonwealth countries (Australia, Bahamas, New Guinea and Nigeria), two are named “King and Empire” (Different obverses – one showing the King with a crown and the other without) and two struck in virtually pure silver with their reverses showing St George slaying the dragon. A crown-size piece is also in the collection but is not related to King Edward VIII – it reads “Metropolitan Special Constabulary” and “1914-1919”. (Why not 1914-1918?)

The coins are from an old Stellenbosch estate and beg for some search as there are many other questions regarding it. For instance, if they were intended for the novelty market, why struck two in 99% silver and not stating that on the particular coins?

In my view, these were patterns, but the issuer did not continue with the strikings.

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.


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