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unfair rating given on a new item

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i have received an unfair rating a while ago on a new knife i sold and the buyer made false 

claims about the condition about the knife had dirt and grit on it without giving visual proof 
the condition, that can't possibly be trusted as i advertized the knife as new, if it we're 
fact the case the buyer would have taken images to support his claim as he did nothing through 

me first he just lied and jumped on the negative button without resolving the issue with me, and 

bidorbuy states just that we must resolve the issue first before jumping to ratings and i do not 

understand how bidorbuy supports him instead of me, and even the bidorbuy message platform 

is not even 1 message from him at all not even to resolve the issue first!!!! surely anyone can 
lie and bidorbuy believe 
the one with the least proof given, i have made numerous appeals and not even once could bidorbuy

staff reply me the questions i had about the rating to get removed, and they remove my negative rating to the buyer which he deserved

thank you


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