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Serthensia Sales- Fraudulant transactions. Buyer Beware!!!

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Please be aware that Serthentia Sales have been selling fake stones. By the look of it, my experience may well be one of a whole host of the same fraudulent scams (and I use the phrase advisedly).

I had bought what was listed as an  .80 carat "diamond" with a fake certificate of authenticity provided by IGR Laboratory (that I had to pay an extra R650.00 for). I sent the stone through to EGL South Africa, a highly regarded gem laboratory, used by the large majority of people who seek trustworthy expertise. Not only was this purported "natural diamond" not a diamond, it was a fake (synthetic) Moissonite (see proof below).

So obviously the stone has been returned to the seller and, surprise, surprise, I am still waiting for my money to be repaid (despite the guarantee they provide). They have sent me an email saying that I have been repaid, but refuse to provide any proof of payment in this regard.

The following appears to be the modus operandi: They put a stone up for sale ranging from emeralds through to rubies, diamonds and tanzanites amongst others. They tout each stone as genuine, natural gemstones and provide a (supposedly US based) Independent Gemological Research Laboratories Certificate (which one is able to go on-line and check prior to buying and can even print if one wants). However, what transpires is that either the Lab is a fake website, or the "real" gemstone is somewhere else and will definitely NOT be landing in your courier in-tray. Because they bargain on the fact that very few people would pay extra money (R650 to be exact) to get a certificate that is available free of charge on the web, the large majority of fake stones are sold without an accompanying certificate,  So, for example, they advertised and sold a 9.15 carat "Natural Cushion Cut Red Ruby" with Certificate number IGRL-64-86545 on the 26th of April, the 6th of May, the 13th of May and then again on the 17th of May. How do I know that they sold these? Because I had bid on one of them and lost the bid. They contacted me and offered the stone to me but (fortunately) before I could agree to buy, they notified me that it had been sold. Despite that, lo and behold, a week later the same size stone with exactly the same Certificate number was sold again. All you do is sell your lab created stones and use a fake certificate.  

See the specific transaction at the following link: https://www.bidorbuy.co.za/item/465446086/_IGRL_LAB_CERTIFIED_R68800_0_80ct_STUNNING_FIRE_I_COLOUR_VS1_CLARITY_NATURAL_DIAMOND.html


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