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Chapter Two


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Chapter Two

Firstly I must say that I am not perhaps an overly experienced user of BoB but I wish to make the following points and perhaps where I may be missing something or doing something wrong I would appreciate some feedback.

  1. I much prefer the layout and simplicity of the old format page - why do you have to open the REFINE button to be able to click on SHOW PICKLIST. It took me an age to find this facility the first time I wanted to re-list something.
  2. Frequently, but not all the time the Picklist does not automatically clear after you have actioned what you wanted to do. Just now I went into my Closed Items page and ticked 2 items to relist and when I then clicked on SEE PICKLIST 47 items came up which meant that the items I relisted the previous session weren't cleared from the system (or maybe they didn't get relisted).
  3. I have had experience of having inadvertently created duplicate listings of items from my CLOSED ITEMS as there is no indication on this page that you have already relisted a particular item. Perhaps if BoB could introduce an indicator to show that you have already relisted an item. Yes I know if I was more assiduous I wouldn't make a mistake like this but shouldn't BoB's programming be aware that simpletons like me are using the system? This is embarrassing for us as Sellers and frustrating for Buyers if someone orders an item that has been sold but has an inadvertently listed copy.
  4. I recently wanted to relist a number of closed items but changing them from Auction listings to Buy. I could see no method of selecting each of those items into a picklist and doing a global change and so had to laboriously relist each item individually. If there is a means of doing this globally I would appreciate some input.
  5. And why is it that the selling price field is left blank when relisting from Auction to Buy?
  6. Why does BoB not accept a mixed relisting of Auction and Buy items and only apply the 'Accept Offers' onto the Buy items rather than rejecting the whole lot and requiring one to start again.
  7. With all of my own issues and the many critiques I see, particularly regarding the new format BoB I have to wonder if there is anyone at BoB that uses the system themselves. Perhaps they need to convene a focus group and not only listen to us (the customer) but to take action on the commentary as to date I haven't noticed any improvement as a result of any critique that has been flowing. Another example of Corporate Bullying - "this is what we have done because we know best and if you don't like it, tough luck" 
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Seeds and All
16 hours ago, Chapter Two said:

Another example of Corporate Bullying - "this is what we have done because we know best and if you don't like it, tough luck" 

On 5/18/2019 at 8:32 AM, Seeds and All said:

In May 2011 Bid or Buy had global rank of #7 and had just overtaken Twitter in rankings! A little over a year after Bid or Buy introduced the new fee structure, more than doubling the commission they receive, and imposing a final order value fee the site might as well close down. Sales have dropped to an all-time low. Spending thousands on advertising through the Bid or Buy website brings little reward. In April of 2018 Bid or Buy was ranked #49 in South Africa but has since slipped to #71. Globally it has done much worse... In April 2018 they were ranked at around #7000 but have since plummeted to #11168. That is a drop of 2777 places in just the last three months alone. Just in the last month the site lost more than 1100 rank places!


This weekend BoB placed a new banner on the My bidorbuy page to entice sellers to advertise on the website, with some advertising packages costing an astronomical R 15000 per month for a total of only 8 advertising spots over 3 months!


Is it still worthwhile enhancing listings and advertising on Bid or Buy when it seems the platform continuously fails to grow?

Around this time every year I go have a look at where the Bid or Buy website ranks among the rest of the world. Globally BoB has dropped by more than 3000 in the past year. Maybe it is time to start listening to your customers?


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