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Minutes of the National Numismatic Society - 11 March 2020

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Minutes of Meeting NNS – 11 March 2020 – 17h45 – Rand Refinery Recreation Centre
Glenn Schoeman extended a warm welcome to everyone who attended a “long overdue” meeting for NNS members. He remembers attending a meeting in the late 70’s where the welcome was extended to Ladies, Gentleman and Numismatists. Not all numismatists are gentleman.
It was previously suggested that “Glenn wanted to start a numismatic society”.
This is not technically accurate, as The NNS comes along way and not a new thing. The origin of the Society was started by a group of enthusiastic numismatists who got together in 1947 and founded the “Transvaal Numismatic Society”.
This enjoyed a good following and developed into a very strong body who established a respected forum where coin collectors could meet, share information and discuss the details of their common interests. This effort is merely the revitalisation of a very old, established Society. After the new Democratic South Africa was established in 1994, the term “Transvaal” became obsolete and the “National Numismatic Society” was born. Numismatics in general suffered a gradual decline from about 2004 onwards and towards the end of 2016 into 2017 the Society’s membership numbers had dwindled. This was not only happening in the Gauteng region, but throughout the country. The South African Numismatic Society that was formed in Cape Town in 19? , unfortunately suffered the same fate. Fortunately, there has been an upsurge of young, enthusiastic coin collectors and we feel this is the opportune time to put “a fresh coat of paint” on the numismatic fraternity and revive it. The Association has often been referred to the “Old Man’s Club”. With the advent of the internet, Whatsap groups, Instagram, Face Book and Social Media in general, a new generation of Numismatists have immerged, and the “Old Men” are happy to see there is a lot of “Young blood” who are interested in Numismatics.
Special Welcomes were extended to :-
• Prof Francois Malan – who has published various books regarding Numismatics and the history thereof
• Mr Ivan Whiteford – Past president and still an avid numismatist
• John and Sheila Iles – John 3 terms as President of original Transvaal Numismatic Society which then changed to NNS.
• Mr Richard Stone &, Lilian Guerra and Charlene Bergman of The SA Mint .
• Mrs Annikie Wilson and Colligny Nel – Family of the late Peter Wilson, Past President of the NNS and who actively served on a committee in persuading SARS not to charge VAT on Kruger Rands as well as Capital Gains Tax.
• Mr Cliff Van Rensburg – Randburg Coin.
• Michael Kaplan – Alec Kaplan and Son who is 3rd generation in Numismatics.
• Natanya Van Niekerk – Former chief coin designer of the SA. Mint
Apologies were extended
• Shane Kennedy – SA Mint
• Vaughn Zackey,
• Dr. Paul Bayliss - ASBA Museum
• Brian Hern - Numismatist and Author.
• Jaco Krause – Border Numismatic Society
Glenn welcomed Mr Richard Stone of the SA Mint to provide a presentation of plans ahead for SA Mint regarding circulation coins as well as the marketing strategy ahead.
Mr Richard Stone thanked Glenn for the opportunity and mentioned that even though he has done presentation at the Berlin Coin Show, he feels slightly overwhelmed doing one for the members of the NNS based on their extensive knowledge of Numismatics in SA.
He went back to the origin of the Krugerrand by presenting various artwork forms dating back to 1891 the first wax model of Kruger Rand. They’ made use of the model to refine and “clean up” the Kruger Rand design without compromising on the design at all.
• 2017 – Kruger Rand 50th Anniversary
• 2018 – Introduced the 2 oz, 20oz and 50oz Kruger Rand
• 2020 – 2oz Silver Kruger Rand will be introduced
SA Mint has also introduced D-Day Landing in 2019 which incl. KR and the Replica Medal beautifully presented in a presentation box
75th VE Day is being introduced in 2020 also includes a Krugerrand and the Replica Medal.
The latest find that has been secured by the SA Mint is the “Lost Hoard” which is part of the Kruger Millions legend. 910 coins have been found in Switzerland. SA Mint has replicated the money and presented it in a booklet detailing the history behind it.
Natura Series
This is a legendary series of the coins – very popular amongst avid coin collectors.
Dr Durandt – Palaeontologist assisted the SA Mint in designing the various coins
These coins are very affordable.
Tickey / Crown Series
• SA Invention Series – designed by Rickard Ike
• Heart Transplant - R2 Coin of the years – tickey fits into the Crown – combing 2 coins into one presented in a beautiful booklet with “story” behind it.
• Tomography series also includes the tickey that fits into crown and presented in a booklet
• Polymer Putty series also includes the tickey that fits into crown and presented in a booklet
• Retinal Cryprobe series also includes the tickey that fits into crown and presented in a booklet
Colour Crowns -2016 – 2020
R 5 and R10 coins depicting Fauna and Flora using colour – SA Mint first attempt, and they are beautiful coins.
Each coin has a half front image of the animal “face” but when you combine 2 coins of the same next to each other – the image shows full visuals. They are packed in special capsules holding both coins next to each other and then bound into a booklet form with story behind it.
The full series of all Big 5 will be presented in August 2021 at the Berlin Coin Show.
South African 3rd Decimal Circulation Coins – 1989 – 2020
Currently, the 1c, 2c and 5c have been removed from the series.
Drawings were shown of the 5c, 20c, R10 coin and how they came about and what was involved in trying to accommodate all 11 languages / styles.
SA mint has supplied a timeline and has asked the NNS members to assist in updating or adding resources to make this timeline accurate. It will then be used as an exhibit at the Museum Exhibit.
There was a lot of excitement and interest when the pictures of actual samples of the R 10 were shown.
When asked when a R 10 was going to be produced, Richard answered that “there is NO prospect for a R 10 coin” …………………(at this stage)???
2021 – New range for coins is a good idea but cannot confirm.
Dr. Heinz Wirz asked the question if SA mint was ever going to look at doing circulation coins that will also be used as sign language – Richard said that the idea is probably not going to happen or seen on the coins, he mentioned that there are 9 coins and they need to accommodate 11 languages in the series so that is depicts the entire country and culture on those coins.
Prof Malan thanked Mr Richard Stone for a beautiful presentation and asked if a narrative can be published on the series before we proceed to the 4th series. Richard answered that “he knows of someone that might be able to write the book”………….
SA Mint still has a library - Richard mentioned that if anyone wants to visit the library, they need to contact him.
Glenn thanked Richard for his time and for the excellent, informative presentation.
Objectives and plans ahead for the NNS:-
• Objective is to have a society that is transparent, credible and provides a forum for those enthusiastic about numismatics.
• The majority voted for a Facebook Page and Whatsapp Group.
• Instagram was also mentioned. Henk Van Zyl will set these up.
• It was proposed that meetings should be held about 3 times a year with last meeting being a social event in the form of a year end braai or dinner.
• Meetings need assistance in the arranging of beverages and snacks for all attendees
• There are no membership fees, but costs are obviously being incurred.
• Funds can be raised by the means of Live Auctions and a percentage is given to the Society to allow for the provision of snacks and refreshments at meetings.
• “It is not what the Society has to offer you it is what you can contribute to the Society and what it represents”
• Please ensure that your contact details are up to date so that we can keep you informed of developments.
Random Lucky numbers were drawn and prizes were handed out.
These were sponsored by:
• Prestige Bullion/Rand Refinery
• South African Mint -
• Paul -
• Prof Francois Malan
• Brian Bern – Handbook
• GRC Mint Manufacturing
• Gold Reef City Mint
Thank you to all of our sponsors for this evening prizes:-
There are 2 trophies on display.
Stan Kaplan Trophy – 3 generations of numismatists, this trophy has not been awarded to anyone in approx. 3 years. The trophy is awarded “Excellence in Numismatics” and was started in 1983.
Michael Kaplan did a heart felt tribute and presented the cup to Mrs Annikie Wilson the wife to the late Mr Peter Wilson. Below is the Tribute to Mr Peter Wison :-
Mr Chairman, Ladies and Gentleman.
It gives me great pleasure to present the Stan Kaplan Trophy for excellence in Numismatics.
The Trophy is being presented to the late Peter Wilson.
Peter as you know was the Chairman of the National Numismatic Society for a number of years.
He devoted himself to the study of Numismatics and never stinted his time or knowledge when it came to helping others.
Peter served on the committee that persuaded SARS not to put VAT on the South African Gold coins.
At another meeting the committee persuaded SARS not to charge Capital Gains Tax on South African Numismatics.
I spent some time with Peter 24 years ago when we met at the new Mint by chance in 1996. We enjoyed a coffee at a coffee shop and spent an hour discussing the new NCLT issues that had just been released
He was a Managing Director of Altech.
He attended every coin show be it in Durban, Johannesburg or Cape Town.
He will be sorely missed.
Annetjie would you please come and collect the trophy on Peter’s behalf ?
The next Trophy is the Bob Morris Trophy, this trophy is presented for the Best Display at our Annual Coin Shows. There has not been a JHB show for the past 4 years. The NNS and SAAND will be hosting a show on the 17th May 2020. There will also be a coin in Cape Town and Durban (dates to be finalised soon).
Glenn opened the floor to questions and comments from members :-
Comments from members: -
• Look at changing time frame of meetings to possible Saturday – majority voted Weeknights at maybe starting at 18h00
• Run a FB poll on variety of questions to create awareness and involvement for those that cannot attend.
• Look at introducing Philatelic Societies in as well
• 2021 – 2022 – Philatelic Society wants to hold a show – maybe look at including Numismatics as well.
• Auction Night - 10% of sales donated to NNS for future meetings
• Create a live feed for these auctions on FB
• Members also suggested the ABSA Museum in JHB CBD which we can look at but need to ensure it is secure.
• Bria Hern’s 2020 coin catalogue was available at R 450.00 each
Glenn thanked everyone again for attending this meeting and confirmed that 61 people were present. At the next meeting we plan to have more talks and presentations on a vast array of numismatic related subjects.
A big vote of thanks to Rand Refinery for making their Recreation Centre available for the Society meeting. Without these facilities being available to us, a meeting of this nature would not be possible. We all really appreciate this gesture.
The meeting was concluded with special thanks to everyone who made the meeting, sponsors and presenters.
Thank you to Candice Messias, Ursula Olivier and Henk van Zyl for their hard work and help in setting up the event.
All numismatists are enthusiastic, passionate dealers.
Meeting concluded @ 19H30

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