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I been with BoB a long time, since 2002, and use to like this platform  lot. Due to sickness i became disabled and decided i will sell stuff on BoB because i cant go out to find work, but this last two years or so things changed, and not for the good

I am not sure what happened, it is almost like BoB was sold to someone that does not have an idea what is going on, they thinking the money in their pocket is coming from the buyers, and you can not be more wrong

If that is the case why don't you engage with the big sellers on BoB and hear what the struggles are. Look after your sellers they put money in your pocket, not the buyers. You have the perfect platform to give people some income that are just sitting at home, that man/woman who are selling their paintings or wire art or whatever on the side of the road, can just take a photo and start selling on BoB, but who want to come sell on BoB when you just don't care

I use to list hundreds of items, but even though i am in financial trouble i am hesitant to list new stuff because weird calculation of the success fee, the 7 day thing on a snc and many more

Maybe it is time to reline your site towards the seller and not the buyer, Example, i was one of the beta testers for your mobile app, and when i asked the dev when will they make it better for the app for the seller they told me it will not be done 

Come BoB you have the perfect platform to help people, do something

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