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Hi Iceman: Why don't you look at the Friday snap auctions under the stamps section: Charlesh2006 has a aution for a stamps of the word DVD at a R1.00 start. It is the Scott version of 2008 with valuations in $US. If you manage to win it you can check your items at your leasure. Regards and good luck - Korrie

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inherited collection


Hi Iceman, I went to view the "allalbums" pictures, and so far from what I have seen, there are no world rarities, quite a few defective or damaged stamps, and also some fairly modern issues, indicating that this accumulation is of a general worldwide nature.

Follow the advice of other posters to the forum: establish contact with other collectors, attend a few society meetings, and long after the enjoyment part has started you may have the good fortune to learn that you have some better items in your posession.

As a general rule, if the collector who assembled the collection was in any way specialised or focused on a particular country or topic or period in time, this will be readily evident by looking at the collection.

Regards, Libra

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