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Leveraged by "no rating buyers"

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Hi All,

I need some help and advice,

I do not often sell mobile phones on BOB, but I have had two apple phones which the first one I listed as IPHONE 6S and I accidentally sold it not realising it was an IPHONE 6. It was an honest mistake and I took accountability by giving a discount as I did not have an apple 6s. The buyer alerted me to the fact that the phone was an Iphone 6 and not in fact an Iphone 6s.  I then asked them to return the device and the buyer suggested he will keep it if I provide further discount. I then took the loss and agreed to refund to his bank account the discount in order to keep the phone. The buyer raised a complaint with BOB and we resolved the matter with him over the telephone by negotiations of a discount. In total the reduction was R1000.

I have now sold the second phone and I described everything that I know. It was in fact an Iphone 6 and it has no touch feature, now the buyer is trying to leverage me to providing a discount. The buyer asked me if I cannot supply an Iphone 6S instead of the 6, and has phoned me multiple times saying she is not happy with the purchase. These buyers put nothing in writing and everything is done over the phone. She has three mobile phone numbers and doesn't answer any of them when I call, I told her to return the phone and that there is a 20% handling fee as she wants another model and not the one I sent her. She has now threatened to give me a bad rating on bidorbuy.  In conversation she mentioned that her "friend" bought a phone from me before which I am thinking was the first buyer and I think she is hoping to get me to offer a discount in order to keep the phone.

I have now become harder and said to her why did you buy an item without reading the details of the listing - I told her to send it back but I will charge handling fees..

My gut feeling is telling me that this could be a scam or a method from first time buyers into manipulating sellers to provide discounts on goods purchased. or perhaps these are scams from buyers to manipulate sellers into providing free goods or services or claim from BOB for verified sellers.

Could I be wrong or over cautious, my gut feel is telling me this is a scam ? anyone else experiencing this?  What do I do? 

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Antwire, hi

I can't say with any certainty that its a scam you're experiencing, but can hazard a guess that it's probably just two buyers who know each other , heard from the 1st what happened (your discount of R1000) and is taking a chance of obtaining same.   DId you described the 2nd item correctly ? Either way, I'd suggest you offer full refund (to be paid through BoB by you AFTER your receiving the item back).  Do remember though that sometimes a seller won't avoid a negative rating (no matter what you do).  I've refunded many buyers in full because of issues they've had with items and they still rated me negative (some even kept the item after refund as agreed).   Buyers tend to know that BoB favors them in most instances and they use that to an advantage.

You could also contact BoB and explain everything then request their assistance

I hope you find a solution

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