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Sellers of Porcelain Beware

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To any Sellers on BoB who deal in Porcelain, pls be aware of the following :

An alarming trend appears to be developing on BidorBuy with certain Buyers/Sellers which would be important to take note of.  A person will purchase or win a high priced porcelain item (Teacup, Saucer, Teapot etc) and once the item arrives at the buyer, pics will be sent to seller claiming either that the item is damaged, broken or repaired, and subtly hinting or openly threatening to take the matter further etc.  The buyer will then return the item to you with yourself making a complete refund.   I was first alerted to this practice on e-bay and warned by someone to subtly place a hidden identifying mark upon the item (if the item is high priced or rare).    The returned "repaired" or "broken"/"damaged" porcelain item may then be discovered to actually not be the original one sent to the buyer.   What is occurring in this trend is that the Buyer has a porcelain item damaged / broken or repaired within an existing set which they desire to replace.  The buyer will then purchase / win the item from you and once received will send pics of the one they are replacing, demanding a complete refund.  I have unfortunately had this alarming scenario play itself out with porcelain items on three recent occasions.    

It is helpful to mark any high-priced or rare porcelain items in a small but secure manner and take pics of your own including the identifying mark.   Unfortunately the pics may not be enough for BoB when the item is returned and you've discovered that it was not your original which was posted, but it could deter those who now practice this detestable fraud

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