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Morning Everyone,

I am not lazy, and I am sure that the first reply to this post may  be "read the terms and conditions", but I feel the scenario warrants the question . . .

I have recently listed my PIC Development PCBs on Bid or buy. Considering that this is a technical field, a potential client asked, via BORB where they can get training on the product. I can and do provide training, but the problem is that I haven't listed a "Training Course" product on BORB because it did not seem a place where that kind of service may receive the right audience or taken seriously - I say this with no disrespect intended towards BORB.

So the question now is: 1) If the client requests the training, do I create a training product on BORB for them to pay for, 2) since the client requested something that is not listed by me, but is something I can provide does that excuse me if I contact them outside of BORB?

I am trying to understand where the line is, where both myself and BORB benefit seeing as we all need the networking strata that BORB is actually providing.

Thanks, :)

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