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Diamonds Forever SA

Negative rating for LAB certified Stone ???

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Diamonds Forever SA

Hi All.

We are extremely frustrated with the bidorbuy  handling of an order.


We sold an international independent lab certified diamond to the buyer on R1 auction.

The diamond has the lab certificate's serial number laser engraved in the stone to avoid a possible swap out.

The buyer was not happy with the stone's grading, he sent it to a local lab and the results were different.

The buyer rated us negative for this although we are not the independent lab.

Bidorbuy (acting nightshift manager) forced us to refund the buyer and threatened to restrict our selling account

Furthermore the buyer, over the course of 6 weeks, 5 times edited his rating between neutral and negative. Finally settling on our only negative rating.

During this time we could not edit our own rating.

How are we supposed to keep a 100% positive feedback when bidorbuy sides with a buyer like this.

We cannot change a independent lab's results on a certificate? that would be fraud.

How is it fair that we are accused of wrong doing when we simply sold the certified diamond as the report states?

Futhermore we stated in terms that the diamond is sold as per report issued with clear actual images of the stone.

We are the no1 Seller on Bidorbuy in Diamond catagory and bidorbuy makes between R15 000 and R20 000 off our sales, yet we are treated like criminals....

All questions put to the acting nightshift manager on how he decided on which lab he prefers and how we could prevent this from happening in future was flat ignored on numerous occasions..


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Blazing Ice Ent

IGL certified diamonds are very loosely graded and their valuations misleads consumers. Any diamond that is treated/enhanced cannot follow the same RAP value as untreated diamons and this leads to treated/enhanced diamonds having very low actual value compared to an untreated diamond of the same color, clarity, cut and carat weight. Obviously a lab that enhances it's own diamonds will grade it higher to influence value instead of getting their enhanced diamonds independently valued/graded. Perhaps making buyers aware that enhanced diamond grading values may be lower than stated can protect you from buyers trying to get a refund on a purchase as they were made aware of this before purchasing.


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