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Not too happy ....

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BidorBuy is very helpful in the sense of buying but selling on bidorbuy I do find irritating as I had to submit documents over and over and over and did not receive the most helpful and joyful service from all call center agents.

One consultant (Michellene) I found very arrogant and rude .. Speaking to her she would just not reply at times giving me silence having to confirm she is still on the line.

I would not really be making use of their selling services again as I am still awaiting payout a day later where the buyer has already received their package and bidorbuy has received comfirmation.


BOB call center is rude and have no desire to communicate with them again. I apologize to the few consultants that tried to help but were not over friendly either. 

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It is the trend here in Azania.

As soon as an enterprise gets beyond the Mom & Pop local venue - delusions of grandeur.

Everybody employed seems to imagine they are an important person just like those employed by a government parasitical in order that that they might get a salary' in many instances to redress some balance to do with historical ethnicity, gender issues or whatever.

Never mind functionality or productivity.

The employers go with that.

It matters not at all.

Government simply raises taxes and / or prints the necessary money.

Private enterprise simply raises prices.. No problem there - so much free money floating around what with the profligacy & largess  of government,

Add to that our unknowing &  unsophisticated consumer base and Robert is your Uncle - plenty of revenue no matter how rubbish might be your product / service.  And no Isobel Jones to harangue the blighters.

Whether it be "customer services" at SAPO or the indolent harpies behind the bakery counter in Checkers and every shade of mediocrity in between, around, about, above, below or beyond - it is all the same. Useless, incompetent persons in employment, not doing their jobs & resentful of any pesky customer expecting them to do something.


On the bright side RuanCoonmans5, BoB might seem to be excelling by ZA standards,

At least an operative of some sort did, sort of,  attend to your issues.

But  seemingly without, alas, the sort of kindly platitudes ( but with the same lack of action )  with which my queries have been, ahem,  addressed.

I, however, avoid the telephone like the plague and deal only in the written word.

But such is life down here In The South.

And so it goes......, as Edward Rodwell in his Coast Causerie would  so often write..

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