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Having attended many auctions over the years purchasing stock i have listed the TOP 10  auctioneer ad-speaks to describe lots as they wish them to be interpreted....but its is not always as it seems..

I am not an auctioneer but have on occasion been guilty of the same so please take this as a lighthearted dig at those who do this and if u are a newbie at auctions then perhaps take it more seriously and pay more attention to the lots with these descriptions-As my category is stamps it mainly refers to this category of items but can be applied to other categories also

1.What the auctioneer says "apparently in short supply"

what he means is "there are many of these items with little interest but stating this as fact may raise the interest in this lot"

2.What auctioneer says "superior lot"

what he means is superior to a very poor lot which actually makes it slightly above a poor lot

3.W hat auctioneer says "seldom offered on their own"

what he means is "i wish i had a full set as that would be in demand unlike this single item"

4.What auctioneer says "most attractive issue"

what he means is "there is nothing else going for this item except attractiveness"

5.What the auctioneer says "underrated and under catalogued in my opinion

'what he means is"i have  large quantity of these items to move and i hope some inexperienced buyer swallows this"

6.What auctioneer says"useful lot of thematics issues"

what he means is "nothing of interest or value here,but emphasising the thematics may at least appeal to 2 collectors"

7.What auctioneer says "small stain or tear not detracting from appearance"

what he means is "just bullshitting you,,anyone with reasonable vision will see its damaged"

8.What  auctioneer says"first time i have ever had this item offered for sale"

what he means is "seller has 20 available so hopefully the first one offered will reach a high price"

9.What auctioneer says "unchecked lot"

what he means is "whew,spent ages checking all this crap and found absolutely nothing of value,good luck to the sucker who buys this"

10.What auctioneer says"viewing of this lot essential and recommended

what he means"stay away,its dirty and broken and damaged ,but by stating the buyer must view i wash my hands off any dissapointed buyers"

As i said these are from my own experiences and its a little toungue in cheek ,and i myself have used some of these terms...


















what he means is"i have handled many


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My favourite is "very fine used" when,


so often, with stuff bought on BoB (for nob all, I might add)

my dilemma is deciding if the thing is good enough for decoupage,

if not, is it  waste-paper?

or boiler fuel? 

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