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Get It!

Unlike Ebay, I have found that 9 out of 10 times I will have a negative experience for listings that I have set up on Bidorbuy.

Why? one may ask.

In my opinion and  long term observation, I have found that the level of thought put into the Bidorbuy product listing system, is lacking. My most immediate dilemma has to do with the fact that the onus rests with me to inform the potential clients that shipping is quoted for locals only, whereas on Ebay, it is a clickable option that's presented to me from the outset. This is most likely something that crops up frequently with sellers, and one wonders why the admin chose to overlook it over the years, and allow sellers to get negatives because of it.

There is no shame in using Ebay as a yardstick for bettering the system you know.

Now tell me....who is working harder to be more user friendly?

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