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Baby category revamp

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Good Morning

Please note that the Baby category has undergone a revamp. The purpose for this revamp was to improve the category structure, make searching for items better and improve the overall user experience.


The changes include:

Adding a Baby Shower category.

Adding new subcategories and rearranging  existing subcategories in the Clothing category.

Combining Books & Media and Keepsakes & Baby Announcements categories.

Combining the Furniture & Decor category and Bedding category to form the new Nursery category.

Renaming the Exercisers category to Activity Gear and adding new subcategories.

Renaming the Feeding category to Feeding and Nursing. As well as rearranging existing subcategories and adding new subcategories.

Combining Health &  Comfort and Safety into one category.  

Moving some of the subcategories in the Sleeping Aids category into more suitable main categories.

Adding new subcategories in the Travel category.


Please note:

This may affect users who make use of Bulkload CSV files for listing their items as category IDs may have changed.  Please refer to the category list at the link below for more information.


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