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Thought I recognised the pictures...


Am fascinated to know why some traders appear to be allowed multiple trading names and entities and even localities?

Tanzanites - VS EYE CLEAN NATURAL MINED TANZANITE .20 CARATS for sale in Hoedspruit (ID:27227023)

Gems online in Hoedspruit



Items for sale from Keepitcountry on bidorbuy.co.za


Anyone care to explain - or speculate on - why some folks appear to have more rights than others?

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MsPlod, whilst we do appreciate your input and efforts on the site, this personal vendetta against the seller has to stop. Some users may, at our discretion have more than one account, based on a several criteria which we determine. This particular seller was permitted to have multiple accounts way before I started at bidorbuy, and we have subsequently restricted her to 2 only.


Kind regards


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