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How does BoB work regarding sellers and the Buyer's Protection

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Hi there,

I dont understand how this works.

Let me give an example: Buyer buys an expensive laptop from a verified seller and transfers R30,000 to BoB. The seller never ships the item as he doesnt have it and after a dispute BoB pays the buyer back R5,000 after the Buyer Protection kicks in. Where is the other R25,000?? The buyer send the money to BoB, not the seller, so why doesn't the buyer get his full amount back??

In this scenario, the seller will make a fortune if he scams 4 people, or BoB makes a fortune as they keep R25,000 per dispute...


Don't tell me that BoB is like a shopping mall that hosts a bunch of shops... No shopping mall receives the cash from clients and pays the shops thereafter...

Someone please share some light on this matter...

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Little Miss Muffet

Goodness no Bob will not have the money as the seller has obvious requested a payout and the money is now in the sellers account not held at Bob.

This is sometimes why Bidorbuy hold on to funds until the buyer has received the items especially with new sellers.

If the funds are still with Bob and the buyer has not received the product they will transfer the money back to the buyer

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