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Need urgent assistance - Sellings stamps abroad -

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Hi all,

I need urgent assistance re the selling and mailing stamps abroad.  Could someone please tell me how to send stamps to the USA.  According to our law, Postage stamps fall under "contraband items" thus prohibiting me from sending stamps.  I recently sent a parcel via the Post Office with E.M.S. but the parcel was delivered heavily damaged so I used DHL this time.  I was requested not to close the parcel because they need to inspect the contents before it was closed.  Then they had hang-ups because it was stamps and not documents.   Eventually they agreed to take the parcel but now it was delivered to the wrong address and I'm still trying to locate the parcel.

Could someone please tell me what other sellers do to get the stamps to the buyer, if he is in another country?????  Which Courier is the best for getting stamps delivered internationally?

Thank you for your assistance


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