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Wanted: Ford Sierra Mk2 Wiper Light Stalk 87BG11K665DA

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Good day,

I'm looking for a Wiper Light Stalk for a Ford Sierra MK2, 1991 model as shown below.



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Good morning,

We are a tech firm based in Ireland. I am an ex pat and often trawl around on BoB.

There are a few of these stalks around locally so I can buy this part and get it shipped to you. You're looking at around R850 including shipping on a DPD 1 to 3 day service.

I don't know what import or VAT charges will be when it arrives - best to check.

Let me know if I can help.

Attached is a photo of the part.



Ford Sierra Mk2 Stalk 87BG11K665DA.jpg

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