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Ticket ID: SEI-268-37512 -> Order: 13963459

Logged like 3 tickets already with Bid or Buy customer support to try to get some assistance getting a response from the seller.

Still have not received any feedback.

Horrendous service from both supplier and bid or buy....will probably not be buying from this site again and I will not be recommending it to anyone else either.
Item not received after 3 months.....Refund requested and no communication from the seller.
Really dissatisfied customer.

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queen of hearts

Actually other than a few really first class sellers service in general is a pain - buy something, pay promptly and over a week later your parcel hasn't even been dispatched.  I often get things faster on Ebay where the norm is to post the next day and if it comes from China it is posted within a few hours after payments.  Without being unreasonable the more efficient sellers will say they post on a certain day of the week so you are informed but why must you have to just about beg for some form of communication for something that has been paid for.  I'm really not buying much either anymore as there are now plenty of other options on Facebook with sellers who actually care about their customers.  Last problem I had ticket was closed before the seller had done what needed to be done - needless to say it has never been done.

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