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SNC rejected because item is unavailable

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Since when does BOB's T&C's state that the following?:

4.2.3. Where a Seller cannot supply the advertised item due to the item not being in stock.

I have never has any issues with sale fee refunds because we cannot supply. Now suddenly it's an issue We all know that running out of items is a norm and acceptable variable and it happens to EVERYONE. Now BOB wants to keep our money because of this? What gives them the right to do this? Because it's in the T&C's?

Screw this! I'm out! BOB won't screw me over any longer. 

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I'm with you 100%.....

In addition to screwing sellers with a 100% increase in fees they steal commission from us on transactions that did not even happen!!!!

And I have had to object how many times on SNC's that have been disallowed because the options they give buyers in the SNC process makes it almost always look like the seller was at fault.

Buyers don't realise that by selecting the wrong option it just gives BoB another reason to screw sellers for more fees.

It's shocking......and the BoB "customer service" staff hardly ever respond on the forum to direct questions - its easier to just ignore unhappy sellers - and there are SO many of them now.

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