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Miss Jewels

Synthetic Moissanites

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Miss Jewels

 When selling a Moissanite, it is important to state that it is a synthetic stone.  No "genuine moissanite".

Yes, it does test positive for a diamond, as it has the same optical composition, but it is still a synthetic stone.

Comparison  :  

Diamond - MOH 10  Composition = 99.999% carbon

Moissanite - MOH 9.5 Composition = silicon carbide (has the same optical properties of a diamond)

CZ - MOH 8 - surfaces scratches and over a period of time will become dull

Some other info on Moissanites

A Moissanite, if compared to the optical properties of a diamond, is very high in quality, in terms of colour, clarity & carat weight.  

Moissanite - high in clarity grade  *  High in quality  *  Value for money  *  Can be certified by a qualified gemmologist

An interesting read also :

 "A new diamond imitation, synthetic moissanite (silicon carbide), is now being produced, in near-colorless form for jewelry purposes. With refractive indices of 2.648 and 2.691, a dispersion of 0.104, a hardness of 9¼ on the Mohs scale, and a specific gravity of 3.22, synthetic moissanite is much closer to diamond in overall appearance and heft than any previous diamond imitation. The thermal properties of synthetic moissanite are also so close to those of diamond that the thermal probes currently on the market react to synthetic moissanite as if it were “diamond.” This new material can be readily separated from diamond on the basis of its anisotropic optical character, which produces a doubling in the appearance of facet junctions. A new instrument manufactured by C3 Inc. solely to distinguish synthetic moissanite from diamond was also examined for this study."


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