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UPS in USA - fantastic. UPS Jhb, useless and tell lies

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A large shipment (R45k value) was despatched from Springfield, Ohio on a Monday.  It arrived 4 days later in Jhb.  Tracking showed it to have arrived at UPS depot

No communication from UPS.  On the following Monday I called them.  They had no contact details for me, they said.  I mentioned that the shipper's invoice had been emailed to them a week earlier, and on it are my phone numbers and email address.  Down went the phone.  On Wed I called again, since the parcel had now been there 7 days.  I mentioned that if they could not locate the email from the shipper, I could send it to them, or else if they looked on the side of the box, it would be in a transparent envelope.  At this, I got an angry response that "I am in the office and the parcel is in the warehouse".  Just in case, I emailed the document, which also has my Customs Import number

By Friday also nothing, so called again.  We were just about to phone you, I was told.  "What is your ID number".  I said that since this was a commercial shipment, an ID number would not do and they should use the Customs code.  This told me that, after 13 days, no-one had looked at the shipping documents

The parcel was delivered the following Tuesday and the driver turned up demanding R6500 in fees saying I should have been told about it and to do an EFT

Upon complaining to the shipper, they contacted UPS who said they "had reached out to me several times" to get the info.  Yet all the info was in their office 3 days prior to its arrival

I told the shipper to use Fedex next time

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