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Serthentia Sales

***Response required from BoB management*** BidorBuy now has a problem with necessary links for important information

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Serthentia Sales

I am shocked by Bid or Buy. Bid or Buy are charging world class site fees but are still giving us stone age features.

With my diamond listings, I place a link to the certification on my listing (required due to the fact that when the image of the certificate is uploaded, BoB resizes it to the point that the information copntained therein is not visible and the buyer needs to actually be able to see the information on the certificate). Also, the buyer needs to be able to verify the certification, ithat is essential for the buyer to know that it is genuine before bidding.

Further, it is very important for diamond listingsto have a video of the diamond on display as a still photo cannit show the fire and sparkle in a diamond. This is very important for a buyer to be able to see the fire in a diamond. I upload the videos to YouTube and then place the link onto the listing. This is the only way to do this as BoB are stuck in the stone age, not allowing videos to be embedded in the listing like all other auction sites allow. Even a simple iFrame is disallowed, where BoB would not even have to host the videos on their server. It is utterly ridiculous that such a simple and important feature is disallowed.

Now BoB send me a warning for having "external links" on my listings. The links are notable to bypass BoB to make the sale outside of Bob, and contain very important information which is required to give the buyer full details of the diamond in question. I explained this to Michael |Carstens and he comes back saying that any links which direct cause the buyer to leave the Bid or Buy site are no longer allowed.

This is pathetic, as only links which are there to giove buyer's the ability to by[ass BoB for the sale should be disallowed. Links which contain vital information for the buyer, and where BoB refuses to provide the required features to input that information without the link, cannot be disallowed.

The listing in question which BoB has a problem with the links is https://www.bidorbuy.co.za/item/346598917/_IGL_CERTIFIED_AND_SERIAL_ENGRAVED_1_13_Cts_STUNNING_FIRE_H_COLOUR_NATURAL_DIAMOND.html

I expect a response from BoB regarding this matter, as both links provided are vital for the buyer to have a full view of what they are purchasing. Until such time as BoB implement the very simple technology which will allow the videro to be embedded into the listing as all other auction sites do, they cannot disallow the external hosting and link of the video, and defintely cannot disallow the buyer's required ability to verify the certification.

Awaiting your reponse Johan or Admin

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