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Duplicate transaction fees charged by BOB / Overcharging of postage fees.

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Hi all,   I just realized that I've been double charged on transaction fees by BOB.   But after logging in ,  I saw that ATA also mentioned it.   I wrote to BOB but waiting for a reply.   Please check your sales - if you have buyers with multiple sales and only one payment for these items - you would have been doubled charged  -  how long has this been going on.  I think we must have lost quite a bit of money due to this practice of double or over charging of these fees.

A second question :  Could something be done with the overcharging of postage fees.   I know this was discussed previously but it is getting worse.   Could there not be an set price for the different size envelopes and registered mail, Parcel post etc.  We all know what it cost to mail a letter plus the price of an envelope.

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