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BoB does not like customers to enquire with sellers for additional products

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Advertiser has Coal Grates for use in domestic fires

But I need a wood grate and this is not advertised, so I enquired with the seller

I then received a complaint from BoB that I am trying to conclude a private deal and this is outside the listing policy

If it is not listed, how can it affect BoB and how does the listing policy deal with items not listed? 

I enquired with your seller for a product not advertised in BoB.

Please advise me how that is construed as trying to conclude a private deal, when the product is not displayed for sale on BoB

Your system prevents me from contacting a supplier to enquire whether they can supply goods outside those advertised.  In this matter, surely it would be beneficial to the seller if he were able to sell a range of
products that he might not have considered

eBay permits customers to contact suppliers, so why is the practice different on BoB?

I read the listing policies and this is not covered at all

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Little Miss Muffet

If any user asks a seller a question this standard statement on the question page is seen by all users who ask a question

"This message facility is a private and safe way for buyers and sellers to communicate. Trying to bypass bidorbuy is against our terms of use."

If a buyer replies you will get an email as all users do informing you of the sellers reply and a warning as you quoted above

This is not directed at you personally, this is  uniform in all emails buyers receive--therefore not directed at you

Edited by Little Miss Muffet

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