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Samantha Visser

1 September 1926 - WH Clegg - 10 Shilling Specimen Note

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Samantha Visser
Posted (edited)

Just sharing a note we found and purchased over the weekend.

According to Herns there is a colour trial specimen at the Absa Museum. The note is not in great condition, but considering its scarcity, I think it is still a great note to own.




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Samantha Visser

We received the note and took it out of its cover and found the following:



This is the first time we saw a note peeling away like this. 

After some research, we confirmed the note to be genuine. The paper is correct, the dimensions are correct, watermarks are correct, so are all the fonts.

It turns out that the note is not a specimen, but rather a printers proof note.

They probably stuck two uniface notes together to make up the sample which they used to make the specimen note and submitted it.


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