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Faulty Product

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In November 2017 I brought a camera system which after installation discovered that the night vision on the cameras did not work and after numerous emails eventually sent the brought back to seller at my cost.  After over a month escalated to bid or buy who where very helpful and then a replacement unit was finally sent.  This was also faulty, had it tested DVR did not work and one camera was fuzzy. 

Sent this unit back as well for a refund.  Now no matter how much bid or buy has been trying to get the seller to response still not getting a refund.

Twice I had to cover courier costs and also the first DVR is sent back had my HDD that I purchase seperately in which the seller did not return.

Now after months of not getting this resolved, bid or buy has removed the verified seller but I still not getting refunded.

What would be my next course of action to get almost R2k refunded. (which is the cost of product, couriers costs and stolen HDD).




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