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Post Office duplicating tracking numbers

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Serthentia Sales

Our wonderful post office now has a new innovation, using the same tracking numbers for 2 or even 3 different packages. According to the customer service helpline, this is because they have run out of tracking numbers, so they are reusing the same ones on multiple packages. But they are not reusing ones that were orignally used 5 or more years aago, they are just reusing ones which are still being processed. So you (or your customer) tracks his package to find it has been delivered to the other side of the country. You phone them to find out why, and get told that it isn't your package, it is a different package where the tracking number has been duplicated on multiple packages.You then ask "well how do I find out where MY PACKAGE is"? The answer... Go in to a post office branch, submit an enquiry form and wait 2-3 weeks (which probably means 2-3 months as this is SAPO we are talking about). There is no way for you to actually track your package, because of the duplicate numbers. This has now happened to a number of my personal incoming packages (incoming international and domestic packages).

Bobbers, especially those who use SAPO for deliveries, need to be aware of this as it is going to cause HUGE issues with packages being untrackable, showing delivered to someone else in some other area.Those who are still giving the option of SAPO for delivery,  it's time to get rid of it completely or face massive headaches and multiple refunds and negative ratings from buys who often are not very understanding that a SAPO issue is not within your control

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