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sik liquidation centre

Pay us R500 or you cannot complete a payout request?

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sik liquidation centre

This is really how I feel

Why would bidorbuy falsely accuse us of shill bidding, restrict our account after we provide all proof where anyone could see we are innocent, and refuse to reinstate it unless we pay a R500 reinstatement fee?


We've sent clients goods,although bidorbuy won't let us touch our money. It is R60 000 plus.

We do all the communication, yet,only upon more calls, do we get another email repeating the non negotiable verdict...

Is this fair or legal?

How can a seller even access his/her  monies belonging to him/her?

One can simply not win against this... this is not fair to say the least....


We are not allowed to differ from bidorbuy, are we? 

The forum were created to vow our concerns. What concern us is that many users complaint/make suggestions on the forum,yet little to none is answered.

Buyers and sellers then take their concerns to social media and sites like: Hellopeter..

Please communicate with us......And look at both sides,each side has 2 sides,although it hardly ever feels like it. 

On social media sellers brag on how they take all the clients they sold to over the years and start conducting private business with them. why? why does bidorbuy alLow this to go this far? Bidorbuy was initially created as a great initiative,however it feels as if the wheel is busy coming off the van. Please save this ship!!!!

We did not put in hundreds of thousands in marketing alone on bidorbuy just to see this great site going down!!!



Kind regards

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