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Bought lots of old games ~5 months ago and still haven't received

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I bought allot of games from a company here on bodorbuy (i dont want to give his name yet) a few months back, i even have all his emails and bank statements etc. I called him lots of times his phone is off most of the time but i got him today and when i mentioned who i was he literally put down the phone in my ear, so i guess he stole my money.

I cannot rate him because for some reason it says i didn't buy the items.

I'm not good with how these internet purchases work and i guess i did it incorrectly as he gave me his bank number. (Strange thing though is that I have done it before with him so yea...)

So he does deliver but for some reason he decided not to deliver my games.

I just want him to let me know if he'll ever deliver and if he does that'll be great...but yea lesson learned.

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