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A Set that lead to Suicide ... a Tragic Story

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The  "Paul Kruger & Christiaan de Wet" pocket knifes are well known to collectors of both militaria and coins (on BoB)

I have currently a set listed on BoB (I am not trying to promote the set - regular readers of our forum know that I don't like doing that)


Since about a year ago, one could not ask PUBLIC questions to a seller on BidorBuy - all is kept hidden and only the seller and buyer can see the question(s) and answer(s).

But I think the following comment received from an interested party via BidorBuy is of interest to the wider Numismatic and Militaria community- 

Hi. Out of interest ----- The above was put together by the SA Mint for the War Museum in Bloemfontein as part of a fundraising exercise to pay Danie De Jager for the three statues erected at the museum. Two of them are depicted on the second knife. My box is about 3cm wider to allow for a silver plaque stating "Number 5 of the State President Collection 19 September 1988". The whole exercise ended tragically in forensic investigations, burning of documents and suicide by the then Director of the museum. There is not much more information but eventual buyer can contact me at XXXX (I have deleted the email address) should he so wish. (Name supplied)


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