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I recently fulfilled an item of a specific material. Let’s call it B. Buyer receives item and sends it back immediately with the same courier and has opened a case for a refund. Upon querying the reason of return, buyer states item is of type Z.

Manufacturer, item packaging, and a materials test shows that it is of type B.

Bidorbuy insists I refund buyer as she has stated that it is of type Z. 

Any recourse for sellers?

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Tricky one.

As you get more sales and orders you are bound to come across a few difficult customers. 

One has to weigh up the options: 

Do you want to do business with this person again? If so then refund an him, and perhaps they will even spread the word that he got great service. 

Then again, if you feel the cusomre is being unreasonably dififcult, then perhaps better to refund them since you have your goods back, and kindly explain your position to them (why you believe the product is correct), and tehn tell them you will not be dealing with them anymore. 

The main point being that it is better to rbing a swift end to the matter. From experience, I can tell you it is not worth the headache to drag out things like this. End it quick and move on. 

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The big problem with this now is, in addition to having to refund the customer, you will also no longer get a refund of BoB commission on the sale.

With the new system, the buyer will dispute the SNC and say you sent them the wrong item and BoB will reject the SNC request.

And so BoB now also cashes in on commission on sales that have to be reversed so of course they will make sure they reject the SNC's wherever possible.

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