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Fake Laptop Batteries - No Money Back on Return

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Faiz-e-Wajih of ZNet Computers just threatened me via WhatsApp for "crossing my limits" after I submitted a claim under Buyer Protection following the return of a fake laptop battery they had sent me and refused to reimburse me in full (in open violation of Section 54 of the Consumer Protection Act of April 2011).

The battery was not "as described" and did was not compatible with my computer despite it being advertised as such (see details below). When I brought this to their attention they asked me to return the battery which I did at my own expense. However, once they had the battery back in their hands they refused to give me my money back.

On contacting Bid or Buy over the phone (great service on a Saturday by the way, thank you!) they confirmed that when an item is not "as described" the seller should reimburse the customer for the cost of the product including the courier fees to have the item sent to the customer and returned.

When I made Faiz-e-Wajih aware of this, gave him the ticket number for the issue and reminded him of how he was in breach of Bid or Buys terms and conditions, he got even more upset and I got the following reply: 


In order to prevent further confrontation and allow the Buyer Protection process to continue I decided to block him following a lengthy thread of back and forth exchanges where he tried to delay matters as much as possible.

While the battery was stated to be compatible with a MacBookPro8,2 and it looks like a compatible variant, it is not at all::
1. The fake battery only lasts to about 50% before shutting of the computer without warning (and causing one to loose work); Despite two full recharges (as per instructions from 2% to 100%). It also weighs half of any other generic and is completely fake:

2. The ZNet battery only supports 300 max cycles where any other Apple variant guarantees 1000 max cycles. Even at 923 cycles my old battery performs this fake battery:

3. The fake battery causes my MacBook to perform very slowly, it throttles the performance down %400%! Please see the GeekBench Scores I ran showing the difference (833, 2805 on the ZDnet Battery and 3117, 9928 on the original Apple battery).


It's is a pity because I understand that Amir who used to work for ZNet Computers has left and I imagine he was the reason they have such a high customer rating that is now being used to take advantage of people.

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I also got 2 useless Apple batteries from ZNet Computers, fortunately I dealt with Amir so he did a refund both times but it was a huge waste of time, nevermind stressful trying to figure out wtf is going on with your Macbook.

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Now following my giving them a bad rating regarding their conduct they had started harassing me via email after I blocked them on WhatsApp:


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