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Payments timeframes---assistance needed--

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sik liquidation centre

Good day Bidorbuy community


As a seller, we've been following same policies as other sellers and it seemed to be common on most auctions to find sellers requiring payments to be made within a set period.

As a past result of numerous buyers not paying and many such transactions adding up in success fees and listing fees we lose, we decided to do likewise in order to encourage buyers to make more prompt payments. We studied BOB t& C and could not find any clause saying a seller must allow a buyer to make payment within 7 days. We did however realise that after 7 days, one could initiate an snc. last week we had a situation where a buyer paid 6 days after winning an item, whilst we require payments within 24 hours, giving leaniency towards clearing processes which could take another 48 hours max.  We were going to attempt to assist him, however he reverted to an negative rating since we could not send his item Friday. I then went back to Bob t&c again and found that we are entitled to create payment terms. My question is: What can we do within payment terms, since I realised today, that there is another policy,being the:LISTING POLICY", and clause 8.5 says buyer has 7 days in which to make payments. Could a seller do anything or set any of his own terms under payment terms?

Reason for my question is that I noticed More than 50 000 listings where sellers request payment in less than 7 days.

Below illustrates my point:

193 pages of 50 listings per page,totalling almost 10 000 listings currently stipulates that payment need to be done within 24 hours,whilst 330 pages with almost 16500 listings, need payment to be made within 48 hours,etc.


Could bidorbuy assist sellers in this regard please since what we thought was right, was apparently wrong all along. I noticed many Top sellers too requesting payments in less than 7 days, meaning they too might not understand BOB terms. If a friendly Bidorbuy assistant did not point this out to me, I would never have gone as far as to search further. 

"Maybe incorporating listing policy with the standardised terms and conditions"

Any suggestions/ assistance would be welcomed since this currently affects thousands of sellers on Bidorbuy.


Have a wonderful day


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The bidorbuy stance is that buyers have 7 days to pay for orders. That is why we only allow sellers to file a SNC after the 7days has lapsed from placing an order. 

Insisting on on payment in 24 or 48 hours does have limitations attached to it. We see lots of cases where a buyer pays for an item and the transaction might take a bit longer to clear only to have the order cancelled by the seller. We also see sellers cancelling orders because of their 24 hour policy when auctions close on weekends or public holidays where the buyer did not have internet access to complete the order.  This policy in most cases seem to alienate buyers even further from sellers that implement these tactics rather than building a positive rapport between buyers and sellers. 

We see many of these cases through the course of the year to feel that a 24 hour or similar  policy is simply not feasible for the marketplace to implement. 

That being said we would love for transactions to be completed in as short a time as possible and over the years we have implemented more and more payment options to speed up the process and shorten lead times when it comes to making and allocating payments on orders. 

We will in 2018 review certain aspects of our terms and conditions and this is something that will be looked at to provide more structure in this regard. 


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