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Courier Timeframes

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So I've paid a few times for items bought to be delivered to my door within 24 hours and only got them delivered almost a week thereafter!! WHY? I bought something this morning and paid for it same time just after 9am. The seller has a(n) (more expensive) option where you as the buyer can opt to have the item delivered to your door within 24 hours. I haven't heard from the seller and from what I've signed up for, I should have my items delivered to me tomorrow or very latest Monday morning. That is highly unlikely to happen due to past experiences and I just think BoB needs to take sellers who do this to task somehow as we as the buyers are helpless after we've made payment. Why have the clause there in the first place if you are not going to adhere to it? and when I give you a negative rating, (not just for the item eventually received, but for the whole customer experience ala Coricraft) you cry foul. Anyone with similar concerns and possible remedies to the situation?

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