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Lying customer and taking a chance with buyer protection

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Be carefull of this customer.  exdene ordered 4 items from me on the 10 Dec 2017,  she only paid postage the 12 th.  The 13 December i posted her items,  and same day emailed / message system her the tracking details. While her items is at her Post office since the 18 Dec she files a buyer protection claim the 2 nd of January 2018,  stating that she never recieved the items.   She tells customer service that i never messaged the tracking details  ? !    So shes lying,  its their to see for the whole customer department on my account.  Anyway , i remind customer department that her items is at her post office since the 18 Dec, she needs to go fetch .  Aterwards i still get a ticket saying that she did not recieve all her items, and that 3 is  gone, and she only recieved one item.  Fishy fishy ...... all 4 items was posted together in same envelope.  Still she wants to claim via the buyer protection claim.  Fast forward to Friday evening the 6 January 2018 , 7 30 pm, she sends a ticket , BUT NEVER MENTIONS THAT SHE RECIEVED ALL HER ITEMS to Banele at customer services. Fishy fishy.  Call a spade a spade.   And call a box a box.  Sunday / today around 12 30 Banele from customer service phones me asking what am i going to do about her missing items etc.  Banele tells me he will phone her back. 13 minutes later a reply from customer service, suddenly she went back to Post office, and now she got all her items ??!! So after hours she suddenly out off the blue do have all her items.  Her ratings is not very great for the amount off time or sales she was involved.  So she was taking a BIG chance .  BoB should blacklist customers like this. As a honest seller on the site , iam not happy with the way that  exdene  was nearly allowed to get away with nonsense like this.     Ticket number is HXD-528-76958. 

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