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Zaan 2017

Sellers that are ripping us off

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Zaan 2017

hi good day


i have ordered from a supplier for a while now everytime they are always asking for more shipping or giving us issues


we orderd from happy deals and told them to send everything together but they didnt they sent 2 of our parces to different customers where iin the past they always sent it together they have double and trippled there shipping expenses when we speak to the courier they state its not even 1 third of what we pay


this is unacceptable as they are ripping us off with money and if they trying to make a extra buck they must stop allowing people to bid


if you try and contact them they ignore you and never respond to you ever even when they send you broken things there is never a response



please assist as they have laid a snc against us because we refuse to pay more as they trying to make more


we have lots of proof on email about the emails and the shipping that they sent to the wrong customers dont see how its our fault to pay for a mix up and if yyou send special request how its not followed




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