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What is going on with bidorbuy search (and when will ut be fixed)

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If I search for i7, I only want to see results with i7

If I search for i7 in the title , I only want to see results with i7 in the title

If I search for I7 in the title - I do not want to see search results like "goldilocks and the 7 dwarves" as it does not contain I7 as a single term in the subject

If I search for E7450 in the title I do not want to see "Philips HC7450/13 Hair Clipper with DualCut Series 7000"

If you split up results like E7450 to E and 7450, when are you going to start splitting up other search terms. Example "DELL" isn't a dictionary word last time I checked but a trademark (similar to I7) - so when I search for DELL in the title only, will you split it up and search for anything that contains  D, E and  L?

Normally with sites that has bad search functionality, I can use google, but I would prefer not to have it on bidorbuy - as it doesn't in the search results show me the relevant fields, and current auctions only




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