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Buyer/seller chasing positive ratings

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Hi Johan

I have a buyer who is also a seller who is chasing positive ratings. I am selling beads, which are very inexpensive. She placed 3 identical orders of 40 different items each to the value of R34.50 excluding postage per order. Then she rated me positive for each of the 120 individual line items. A few hours later, she sent me an email requesting that I rate her.

It took me more than 2 hours to pick and pack the 3 orders.

In this case it is obvious that she opted for the cheapest method to increase her own ratings.

If I rate her different, she will change the positive ratings she gave me. I have 100% positive ratings and work for the positive ratings. I do not buy them.

I would rather earn my ratings honestly one by one than to participate in this type of behaviour. What do I do?

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Hi Atenea

We have looked at the three orders you have with the user.

When looking at the account we check overall ratings, ratings from buyers and ratings from sellers.

Overall ratings generally would give us what type of user we looking into and the account ratings.

Ratings from buyers is the option we look into when trying to check what type of seller the user is and upon further checks we look at the items sold within the past month or 3 months. In most cases if the user has sold 100 items within a month and there are 5 positive ratings we would know the items are either drop shipped or not being delivered.

Ratings from sellers is the view to check what kind of buyer, sellers will be dealing with either on auctions or when orders are placed. Mostly used to check non payers.

You buyer has done everything on their end in terms of placing the order, making payment and rating the seller. Whether the user really wanted the purchased beads or used the ratings to increase the account overall ratings is difficult to determine.

The account has been looked into with regards to the type of buyer and seller the user is. I would advise completing the order with your buyer and delivering the goods.



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Thanks. I have completed the sale.

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