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Worst shill bidding ever but BidorBuy just ignoring it

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I don't have a crystal ball and I surely don't have the access to information to investigate things like these, but I would think BidorBuy would.

I have logged about 4 cases for shill bidding for this seller but in the end BidorBuy blocks the buyer.... LOL. At least the last time they said they will "investigate". Still selling and last instance was on 10 Nov so I guess that didn't pan out too well.

Now I don't think it will be that easy, this seller has been doing it for as long as I can remember. So NO they won't do it from the same IP where they login, but surely there has to be some correlation between the "fake" bidders. I don't understand how it cannot be possible to find this link.

Just look at the "items sold", and do the math. Either the fake bidder wins the item, and defaults, or just pushes up the price to the "right" level. You can only see a few but I've been looking at their sales for months - it's ALWAYS like this. Mostly the same fake buyer per week but sometimes more.


And yes please feel free to say it's my imagination, it's possible. 




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