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Order not delivered within time frame

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I placed an order on the 4th Sep 2017, knowing that I am paying for delivery and as advertised delivery would take place within 5-7 working days.

The seller has given me numerous dates of when I should be at home to receive my order, first the 12th Sep, then nothing arrived, then the 15th Sep and again nothing arrived, lastly the 19th Sep and I waited at home and there was no delivery. 

The seller has now stopped responding to my messages and is quite arrogant in that they keep giving me dates and not sticking to them showing a complete lack of professionalism.

I confirmed delivery period before I purchased the item as I required it urgently. Now that the seller has not kept their side of the advertisement, surely the contract and terms of sale has been breached. I requested a refund of my money as I could've bought another product in that time but the seller has not responded. I have e-mailed bidorbuy and am waiting for a response.  Surely bidorbuy should step in to say the contract has been breached and I should get a refund? 


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Good day Tesha 

As per our telephonic conversation you confirmed receipt of your item , which was delivered to you yesterday evening .

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Should you require any assistance please feel free to contact us on 0861 88 0861 or submit a ticket online on our help section, alternatively you can go onto our Live chat facility.

Have a pleasant day further!


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I have had the same experience. I bought 2 items from LMMZ on the 18 june 2017 and after many emails and phone calls the parcel finally arrived on the 18 Sept 2017. I still had to pay import duties as well. When I opened the parcel only one of the items was inside the parcel. So I contacted the seller and he has asked me for the delivery note which should have been in the parcel but was not. So I have been done it very badly. The postage of these two item which I paid for was almost R450.

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