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Hiding Go Seek

Sometimes we just have to laugh

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Hiding Go Seek
Bought on 30th August
ME: 7th SepI cannot trace a payment for this order
Could you please let me know if payment has been made
BUYER:7th Sep
Ai ja jai,sorry about this delay,right after winning this order I fell flat on my face,litteraly and figuratively,ouch.!.I must deal with this order,today.!.
ME:7th Sep
I am away from Monday to Friday this week and can only post this first thing tomorrow morning or on Saturday after I arrive back
Please pay this now. It is overdue
BUYER:10th Sep
I had a nice bunch of coins lined with another buyer with a payout of R2000+++ but some niny outbid everybody whilst blacklisted already.!.ggrrr.!.His bids had to be stopped and cancelled by Bob but now I have to bear the brunt of his idiocy.!.I'm trying my best to complete this order and I know you need the money asap as well.!.Best send me your credit card details if that is allowed by Bob.?.
ME:1oth Sep
No rush for payment. I can wait a week or so.Saves me running to the Post Office tomorrow.Thanks for communicating.
Not to worry you can pay later.
BUYER:16th Sep
And you're back by now and I said I'll have some results.?.Sorry,no answers(yet.!).Circumstances can change só quickly,bad or good.?.I hate this Bob.!.
Rather a disastrous week for me(or not.?).Money is 99.9% a very negative tool but in the hands of a learned individual only 1% can change the world in a positive way.!.I am putting everything I have to complete this order,R69 is not R544 but its a step closer.!.
R69 paid from BOB voucher
ME:16th Sep
You are seriously funny 😂 Better than the buyers who just ignore me.
BUYER:16th Sep
Oh hum,Yes,I try to please.!.?.😎.😀
ME:16th Sep
That R69 is a non-refundable deposit
BUYER:18th Sep
Sorry,no jokes from me right now,ggggrrrr,I been stung by 2 bees and I'm allergic.!.Ai ja jai,emergency prayer and allergex pills.😲,ouch ouch.!.
ME:18th Sep
Please pay before you die otherwise I will not be able to afford flowers for your grave
BUYER:18th Sep
😢I'll be cremated anyway,one less that you can tick of Nico's bucket list.!.Or swiped away into heaven with countless millions of my 😇buddies.!.I'll be paying a little more on my Pamela's lay bye scheme by tomorrow,OK.!.Seriously,I will 'see' you in a few hours,Nicolas.
Still outstanding



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Very funny buyer, you might end up sending the item for R69 :D


Image result for where is my money meme

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Hiding Go Seek


 Bought 30th august .

Settled 4th October

Rating from seller

Buyer deserves a smiley face.Lightening fast payment.
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