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Non paying bidders

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Why does BOB allow bidders to bid on items and then just not pay? They do absolutely nothing about it either. Sure you can file an SNC but that hardly recoups ones losses. 

Especially when on special promotions and that fee is non refundable. The worst thing is when buyers bid on items, dont pay you, but go ahead and pay other items they bid on with other sellers, so they are just picking and choosing which items they want to pay.there must be something that can deter this type of behavior. BOB is so very strict with sellers, which is understandable, but they just let buyers do what they want with little to no consequence .

Thoughts? thanks

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Good day Vintage_violet

Our security team does checks on users with high negative ratings and non payer.

To speed up the process we always encourage sellers to file SNC's after 7 days and rate the buyer accordingly.

We also receive a lot of community watch emails from sellers reporting buyers and these are checked and action taken if necessary.

There are cases were we have to advise and educate new buyers about paying for their orders and only bidding for items they will be purchasing as most of the buyers come from other platforms like Takealot, OLX, Gumtree etc were there is no process of cancelling the order via a SNC.

When we do receive these reports I always advise the Advanced sellers to offer the item to the runner up/s if the winner cannot pay.

Please also have a look at this forum post below on reporting non paying bidders.


bidorbuy reserves the right to disable (suspend) any bidorbuy account if a user has less than 75% positive ratings.


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