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WriteRight Tracing board

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I am currently looking for  these boards:

http://www.write-right.co.za/product-page/sassoon-upper-case-lines-cat-wa04-4 (purple)

http://www.write-right.co.za/product-page/alternative-print-lower-case-lines-wa02-1 (blue)

http://www.write-right.co.za/product-page/patterns-5-wp501 (red)

I am situated in Norway and can't buy from this website myself. I will be very happy if someone could sell me some or alll of these boards!

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Hi LenSol5190,

Thanks for reaching out all the way from Norway!

I am very happy to help you with this :-)

I am having a look around our site for these items or items as close to these as possible - please can you let me know when ou need them by? Please bear in mind that international shipping will also take a little while to get the items to you.

I will be in touch shortly over email.


Kind Regards,






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