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Please help me :)

I have quite a few items I want to list for sale and am trying to use the bulk uploading option. I have downloaded the sample CSV file and while I understand the principle, I am struggling to successfully upload the file. I keep getting error messages. I will only be using the Auction option and need some guidance as to what to do with the other options and the data that is already loaded in the sample file. I have been getting the following error message :

"The number of fields in the CSV file doesn't correspond with a supported version of the Trade Bulkloader"

Also, when pasting the HTML code into the correct cell for the description of the item (Cell V), it pastes vertically. When special pasting as 'transpose' so that it posts horizontally, it spreads across a number of columns instead of one long line of HTML in one cell. How do I rectify this?

Hope this all makes sense.

Thank you


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Hi Buggles!


Thanks for reaching out. 

Bulkloads can be quite tricky to get right. A member of the Category Team will be in touch shortly to assist you. It sounds to me like we might need to change your region settings on your computer to make use of a comma as the list separator.

If possible, please will you take a screenshot of what the sample CSV looks like when you open it (this will confirm the region settings issue above) - you can send this through to the person who contacts you.


Let us know if you need anything else!

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