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Courier Fees/no response from seller

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I find it amazing that there is no standardization with courier fees.  I bid on some make up items (8) like lipsticks and eyeliners , total cost of R200, they only do post office delivery and that is costing me R555.28.  The cost for them to send is not more than R90.  Surely this is not fair.  I am a newby and fallen short on lot's of items like this buying in haste and repenting at leisure. I just do not understand that this is allowed as a 6 plate gas stove costs me R489 delivered but a box which I am sure will have half broken is R555.28 to the post office.  Caught too many times now and leaves a sour taste in my mouth.


Also what do you do if you do not receive the goods, call the person, email them and you get no response.  How is this handled.

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Hi FranceChretien54,

Please send an email to hello@bidorbuy.co.za for assistance.

Kind regards


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